Chris Belloni (1980) comes from a family of four including a twin brother. He grew op in Haarlem, The Netherlands and moved to Amsterdam to study Political Sciences and European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He graduated for his masters in 2006.

Belloni has always been a passionate traveler and active in foreign politics. After several trips to India the Middle-East, West-Africa and South-East Asia and a sabbatical year in Israel, he started to work as an assistent of a Member of Dutch Parliament. In 2007 he ventured to Romania on the eve of their entry in to the EU to interview citizens about their expectations.

After these projects Belloni founded Stichting art.1. This foundation is inspired by the first article of the Dutch constitution, stating that no one shall be discriminated on grounds of religions, race, political or sexual preference or any other standards and this foundation lays the base for his current projects and films.

I AM GAY AND MUSLIM’ focuses on gay rights in the Islamic world. In this documentary Belloni follows a number of young gay men in Morocco in their exploration of their religious and sexual identity.

Belloni also made the documentary ‘The Turkish boat’ (2013), a film about two Turkish gay activists who live in Amsterdam and fight for recognition and acceptance in their community. More information www.theturkishboat.com.

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